microphones in the trees: s. gone / royallen / llanten

Monday, July 23, 2012

s. gone / royallen / llanten

"danchisko may have shortened the name but the impact is still long for this world. the previous sovetskaya jaunts were dreamy affairs but "kimberley al butnan" is something else. skeletal, irregular rhythms dot the horizon while methodic key plundering follows the trail up the mountain. each point on the map flirts with melodicism while staying on the knife's edge. there's a wobbly, uneasy feeling hiding under the surface, but i'm okay with getting seasick as long as we continue down this way." experimedia

"royallen: blessed recoveries from the minister himself. this track may or may not count as a cultural anthropology credit. It’s like flipping through the various stations and each offers a moment of random ramblings from the local dj or a juncture of juxtaposed junk jingles and jangles. llanten: deep tribal lucidities with an impenetrable flow. tribal ritualism, primitive rhythms, narcotic washes, and mesmerizing trails. It’s an anthropological hodgepodge that continuously flows from one groove to the next. cultural immersion in collective postmodern contrasts and contradictions." rotifer / foxy digitalis

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