microphones in the trees: cubs

Thursday, July 12, 2012


"Cubs are a Irish avant garde little mini supergroup, drawn from Englands homebrew underground. Featuring members of United Bible Studies and Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon among others, and guest slots from Cwk Joynes and Plinth's Michael Tanner, The Whispering Woods drinks heavily from English folk tradition, albeit steered in a bucolic atmosphere that recalls British outsiders Movietone. Here, fragile, hesitantly plucked guitars, rough-riding vocal incantations, delicate skeins of Ebow drone, and raspy accordion gather under a Northern Sky. A splendid album of pastoral folk with a late night dreamlike ambience and some intriguing spoken word samples." uncut

todo lo bueno se hace esperar, ¿os acordáis del tacto rugoso de stonewater? 'the whispering woods' sigue siendo igual de bonito, alternando canciones que fluyen naturales como agua del río con breves interludios de inconfundible aroma irlandés, british folk bucólico de la pradera, cielos lluviosos y montañas de verdes aterciopelados, una de las muchas joyas de rusted rail. la última canción, muy hala strana, es un bonus track de veintitrés deliciosos minutos. ñam!

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