microphones in the trees: peyote cristal / euglossine

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

peyote cristal / euglossine

"ong-awaited collaboration between Adam of Sacred Phrases/Dry Valleys and Grant Evans (Quiet Evenings, Nova Scotian Arms, Crippling). twisted channels straight to/from subconscious networks employing a myriad of mysterious and organic elements conjure a streaming dark/vivid/nostalgic and, of course, psychedelic state of mind."

"Tristan Whitehill represents/maintains a unique facet of Gainesville, FL sound. following up his debut solo release on Rotifer, 'Floridian Abstract' digs deep into new fidelities. complexities never outweigh aesthetic charm and restraint but the abstract and articulate muscles flex hard. much heart, much sweat. warm and welcoming vignettes all around."

fotos: kevin hsia

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