microphones in the trees: calypso borealis /carter mullin / banana pill / bandicoot trail

Monday, July 16, 2012

calypso borealis /carter mullin / banana pill / bandicoot trail

"Calypso Borealis provides some more mysterious synth/field recording mixes that provide a further enhancing to the projects small yet encapsulating discography that includes stellar offerings on Housecraft, and Cloud Valley. Carter Mullin (Reedbeds, Calypso Hum) handed me some beautifully thoughtful and personal recordings in Parotia Mold. a glimpse of Carter's warm guitar tone float that strengthens his young, fresh ideas in the ever-flowing self released underground ocean." house of sun

sold out ~ download

"long-distance collaboration between scott johnson (thoughts on air, organ of species) and carter mullin (reedbeds). the details emerge as the controls of the audio filtration system are set to “submerge.” pro-printed, pro-duplicated, edition of 60." fadeaway tapes

"Banana Pill’s compositions may seem fragile but in fact each is a fortress of calm. this is herbal music. for everyone looking for the sweetest drones and peaceful vibes here’s the self-titled statement from the duo. made of toys, guitar, synths, violin and voice. float easy." full of nothing

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