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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

willie lane

"...Willie Lane remains one of the most unique string thinkers, forging links with mv & ee, Joshua Burkett, Steve Gunn and Grant Acker from Un, with whom he shares the Slurp Dogs duo. Lane has an odd, skewered vision of the potential for endlessly over-dubbed steel strings to open up new vectors of sound and thought, and here he lays down weird, repeat chord sequences and then bisects them with screaming lead guitar and odd, melancholy night-time movements that will have you pulling out Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack and Misato Minami’s 1971 side The Tropics. as with all of Lane’s material there’s a subtle humour in the titles, “Imaginary Labelmate”, “Spaghetti Eastern”, “Rare Psych For Wayne” but the overall atmosphere is lugubrious, haunted, seemingly bled straight to four-track in the early hours. indeed, the set almost feels like a Japanese cousin of Matthew Valentine’s experiments in Spectrasound, with a tone that matches the raging iconoclasm of Masayuki Takayanagi and Takashi Mizutani while wrapping the whole thing up in a form of supremely lonesome blues and hermetic tone poetry that has little parallel outside of some of the foggier Loren Connors material...." volcanic tongue

instrumentales desde el otro lado de la luna, un viajero del tiempo sumergido en las raíces profundas de los trovadores de campos de algodón, spectradsound, rural psych, amaneceres anaranjados... willie lane ha vuelto a ganar mi corazón. hasta los silbidos suenan lunares e ingrávidos, de un mundo paralelo, el del niño de los microtonos o del inolvidable yogur caducado de plexiglas. si le añadiéramos la voz de keith wood tal vez sería ese disco de hush arbors con el que me gustaría reencontrarme, lo que fueron, lo que nunca deberían haber dejado de ser

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