microphones in the trees: baldruin

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


"sleepwalking in lost memories, a hairy goblin processes ambient lo-fi nightmarish takes on keyboard, flute, found objects and percussion. recalling images from childhood days in the bavarian woods, these madeleines taste like cold sweat; dark, romantic and surreal elegies fro a past never experienced, only imagined. some call it “hauntology”, we call it bavarian gothic. 'schatten & lichter' provides ten sonic stillborn changelings at midnight, preserved and presented here on tape." holger adam, phantom limbo

"Baldruin is the solo project of Johannes Schebler from Wiesbaden, Germany. Baldruin is both hanted and haunting, blending ritualistic psychedelic folk jams with vast, shimmering ambient soundscapes to create a deeply cavernous sound." weedtemple

listen & buy his beautiful new tape out at brave mysteries

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