microphones in the trees: pears | clathrus

Saturday, April 07, 2012

pears | clathrus

"like a calm breeze that just washed you up on a sandy beach, then gently blows you around as the sun sets. pears is gary reuben morris, who also goes by curly fingers and lagos disco machine. gary is from cape town and lives in new york." aava gaava

"clathrus is a digital voodoo experimental electronic project from moscow, russia. their music is a cool little collection of laid back, electronic dreamscapes. there's a nice kind of folky, world music vibe running through the album, especially noticeable in the vaguely gamelan percussion. recommended for your trance-inducing pleasure." geräuschkrieg

fotos: luke byrne

pears y clathrus comparten sello con mpala garoo y suenan a verano. cankun, monster rally, izabelle adjani, palmeras, groooooves, sol...

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