microphones in the trees: miaux

Friday, April 06, 2012


"Mia Prce. a mother, a lover, a piano player. Étude Des Têtus is her third limited run release, after a self-released cassette and a nice 7" for the Ultra Eczema recordlabel. this current cassette holds four compositions. all organically scored, played and recorded "with two hands". forming an unintentional, beautiful and singular take on 1950's styled "keyboard exotica". if you are a thinker like me, and always wished Korla Pandit was a woman instead of a man ~ since we all know, women are better "dreamers" than man ~ here's your chance! (edition of 100 copies. last copies!)" taped sounds

"she only needs a keyboard for her instant-dream compositions that float between childhood cartoon memories and repetitive light version of your favorite fitness soundtrack" kraak

deliciosa y entrañable, como una película de ed wood, como lonesome mountain y no clouds today. tanto con tan poco. y que se publique en el sello marino de lieven moana hace que sea incluso más apetecible...me encantaría tener un sello sólo por el placer de poder publicar cosas así

foto: fort 8, scheld'apen, july 2011 by mark rietveld

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"...miaux slowly moved towards to a small free standing yamaha keyboard. the way miaux started playing, the peace that her face was carrying and the magical sparkling shoes she was wearing, fill the whole room with a different type of joy. miaux music and performance added something very particular to the exhibition and to our evening, she added gentleness and perfume" inspire me, again

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