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Thursday, April 26, 2012

brother ong

"Brother Ong is Mike Tamburo, and Deep Water Creation is the first recording released under his new ordination. in contrast to his past work on guitar and hammered dulcimer, here Brother Ong focuses his energy on the shahi baaja ~ a 22-string electrified Indian zither ~ as channeled through distortion, looping, etc., plus floating wordless vocals on one track. while longtime fans will certainly be able to hear continuities with Tamburo’s previous music, Deep Water Creation also manifests an even greater sense of centered self-assurance in its pulsating webs of meditative sound. call it post-psychedelic exotic trance music, or call it avant garde new age ~ just don’t call it late for kundalini yoga class…" deep water acres

"exotic and hypnotic sounds are looped, tweaked and set free to lure you into a space where you can simply go for the ride and stretch out, or you can get lost in the subtle and subversive details that reveal themselves with repeated visits. it’s not a matter of how long you stay, but rather why you came in the first place…let Brother Ong do the driving, or grab the wheel and navigate your own way through the trance-y signposts." mr. atavist

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the possible you!

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flower and hand ceremony!

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