microphones in the trees: brother raven

Saturday, April 14, 2012

brother raven

"great new self-released cassette from this zoned Seattle duo. slow sunrises of keyboards married to wiggy 20th century avant electronics, the kind of fuzzy celestial melodies of ‘72 Sun Ra and a slow-burning atmosphere that is pure cyborg" volcanic tongue

"radient jungle experience colossal modulation" gift tapes

"excellent cassette on Lieven Martens’ label from a duo with a jones for the primitive electronica of 80s underground synth, electronics and tape music. at points they orbit the lonely sound of early Harmonia or even Mark McGuire but there’s an alien, homemade quality to the sonics that is extremely appealing. Lieven compares it to some of Colin Potter’s early work and that makes a lot of sense. one to get lost in." david keenan, volcanic tongue

"Brother Raven's music burbles and pulsates in a cosmic eternal now, unspooling fractals of clean-blooded analog-synth tones that ripple and disperse into that bright light filmmakers flash when characters cross from reality into dream/fantasy." dave segal, the stranger

érase una vez un belga con bigote y gran amor a los cetáceos que además de ser el autor del disco que hoy me llevaría a una isla desierta, sigue llevándonos de viaje con taped sounds aka cetacean nation cassettes, otra vez ese sello favorito fuente inagotable de tesoros marinos y tropicales, cósmicos e hipnóticos, como orphan fairytale, miaux, shark flakes o brother raven. indescriptible la sensación de relajación suprema al escuchar 'chilling with strangers' y 'we live in a seal zone'

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