microphones in the trees: morley loon

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

morley loon

"mystic folk-psych drifting between a Native American tradition and the first wave of acoustic lysergia. Morley’s intimate Cree singing is augmented by woven strands of ethereal flute, hand percussion, and melancholic guitar, conjuring a dense empathetic miasma. one of the most affecting records I’ve ever heard. found in a pile of cbc northern broadcast recording 7″s I received from a friend and the only of its kind I’ve ever encountered. if you know anything about Morley Loon (who unfortunately passed away some years ago), please get in touch." weird canada


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ana said...

disco caracoludo por excelencia. tengo que darle las gracias a alexandre de somewhere there is music por haberlo grabado para nosotros...una historia parecida a la alegría de poder escuchar por fin el disco de cap'n jack :)

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