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Friday, April 13, 2012

lasso | grizzly prospector

"incredibly refreshing lo-fi country music out of Kalamazoo. layers of reverb and haunting vocals give this a psychedelic vibe that seems pretty hard to come across within such a streamlined genre." ongakubaka

"Lasso is the brainchild of Andy Catlin. this recording is very lo-fi, the songs are buried beneath mountains of fuzz and reverb; it sounds like something recorded through the wall of some backwards saloon, where spaghetti-western guitar licks and ragtime piano are right at place next to laptops and warped vocals. Catlin’s nasally singing voice is often obfuscated by an effects filter and the lo-fi touches, and weird ghostly sounds creep into the tracks without warning." mostly midwest

demos and outtakes from the unrealized "cycles".

"a wonderful collection of lo-fi, warm, intimate songs. imagine an old time miner stuck in a small shed during the harsh winter months in a run down gold mine long abandoned by all the other miners, writing songs of long lost loves & losses." victory rose

"I hesitate to call what I do folk music. traditional folk is very structured, and what I do is certainly not" parker yates~grizzly prospector

"debut treat and admittedly, a little on the soft side." parker yates~grizzly prospector

that's me, the grizzmibee!


mar said...

lasso hasta el infinito por favor... justo ahora estoy en cathay o'neil y cabe mencionar que de ahí no quiero pasar... si yo escribiese una carta de amor con sonidos, quiero que suene cual lasso...

Brian said...

Much support for Kalamazoo, MI music. Drink a Bells for me, wish I still lived there!

Kaliska said...

thats my grizzly. ;-)