microphones in the trees: moss swarm

Monday, April 16, 2012

moss swarm

"grant evans (nova scotian arms) uncovers hidden psychic terrain through shamanic dirges and spiritual strains of tribal feedback set against the hum of agriculture. bowed veins scratch forests of moss and statues of the deceased dance under the pagan moon. wine and hexagonal tranquilizers on the altar of the hive are consumed blindly by the righteous many below howling winds of witch instrumentals." hooker vision

"psych-folk drone-zone work from grant evans. more twining branches and curling smoke than the other, more new age-y stuff of his I had heard, and this is a good thing, adding quite a bit of grit and substance. again, two tracks, succinct and to the point. nice variety of sounds and textures, all in all a jewelled antler, last visible dog vibe done pleasantly if unassumingly." eggy records


zlobnykloun said...

hi! can you refresh download link? it would b great!

ana said...

hi! there's a new link