microphones in the trees: dolphins into the future

Thursday, April 05, 2012

dolphins into the future

"naturalist visionary Lieven Martens brings us along the latest voyage of his musical vessel, Dolphins Into The Future. “A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, and Clairvoyance” induces a state of lucid dreaming where we experience tales of romance, stargazing, cosmic motion, and eternity. not unlike a painter’s brush, Martens utilizes a sound palette of colorful, synthesized organics to bring the listener directly into the vivid and exotic world that Dolphins has spent years cultivating. after much anticipation, we’re very pleased to offer the latest creation of a true hero of the nu new age." nna tapes

"Lieven combines what sounds like a modified theremin or an auto-tuned saw, or just maybe some really creepy Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-type vocals with lots of deftly-placed, tinkling bells and other less identifiable ocean sounds. Lieven is obsessed with sounds of the ocean, but also sounds of the historical ocean, and he applies this obsession to his work with the mission statement "I create cetacean transfers". while listening to this work, you might experience a temporal transfer for sure." impose

collage: thenewclotheshorse

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