microphones in the trees: scke / w.i.a

Friday, June 22, 2012

scke / w.i.a

"tape hiss, crackle and driven undulating tones striped bare to reveal hidden depths of engaging vibrations that converge with the vague and forgotten memories of a childhood barely remembered and half imagined to take you away to a place based of yearning, uncertain feelings and moments of elation.

the dusty tape of your own or maybe somebody else's beautiful holidays in the sun, something like an exquisite memoir."

"these are lucid and crystalline expressions, free of restrictions, starts, ends and other laboured embellishments. these pieces simply flow and emerge as pure moments, characteristic of abstract paintings and contemplative reflection. the blurb reads as follows...delicate guitars fall around open flames and seas of green emeralds surge in waves. clear bells ring in perfect night skies and we are reminded of the things that we cannot touch or see but they fall in veils in the lights of our rooms. piano rooms of without walls envelop and fold around us in a moment then resolve themselves and disappear. divers dive in the great green sea, in the night and the sea sparkles."

foto: ada hamza

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