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Friday, June 08, 2012

tree of life

Seven years ago started 'Calm in Trees' as the result of the joy of discovering amazing music that was not easy to listen to. In the beginning, the posts started providing information about the project, the record and the label. A lot of music lovers were very thankful with Ana because she made us discover  marvelous and interesting underground sounds even when most of the time was so difficult to reach that kind of music; not just because there were not mp3 all over the place as they are now, but also because some of those were limited editions.

Along those 7 years a lot of changes occurred. Thanks to the spread of the mp3 format and storage pages, we were able to listen consciously a record and then buying it  if our pockets allowed it. Here was shared music from all over the world sometimes from far away countries like Finland or so. Also, more persons started to contribute with this blog always with the same spirit, that is to share and promote music that we love and respect, 'download to know, purchase to support'. Besides music, we also were sharing different images by different artists or photographers from all over the world for to promote their work.

We want to let you all know which is the intention of this blog in a clear manner. We don't want to affect any artist, project or label. If in past because misunderstandings or a lack of a communication we have affected or shared music that was not intended to be shared, we publicly apologize  as we didn't mean to do so. The last years everyday we receive a lot of mails from artists or labels sending us their music for us to do a post to promote their music. We also publicly thank to all them for sharing -in a lot of cases even the lp, tape, cd or so- and we thank them because the blog was about that, to promote and share (as we have said so many times) and a lot of times were the artists themselves who were feeding the spirit around here.

Because what really matters is the music, besides the readers and artists that time to time give a look to this blog, we want to keep going with the blog. But we want to ask very clearly that in case you are a musician or a owner of a label and you don't want us to promote or to share a link, please let us know directly and we are willing to delete the post and link. Fortunately, internet is also changing and there are also options for artists that want to be promoted or listen to without sharing the files, as it has happened here tons of times that we just share for example the 'listen' link.

We are open, we want to learn and we want to be able to keep expressing our thoughts and ideas, but most important, we want to keep discovering music.

Thank you

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Anonymous said...

∞ love ( we thank you )

Tiptree said...

Glad to hear this... we need the trees.

e.r said...

thank you!

adrián said...

:)) the right decision. we are here for share.

mar said...

:)) croac!

Vladimir said...

I run a couple of labels and would like to provide some releases to be posted here if you find them worthy. How can I do this? Please contact me at abgurd@gmail.com. Thank you.

Brian said...

Hi! My name is Brian Hadsell. I am a 25 year old singer-songwriter from Hartford Connecticut. I was wondering if you could listen to some of my music and perhaps post about it. My music can be found at brianmatthewhadsell.bandcamp.com.

Sincerely, Brian

ash said...

Hi I'd like to share my free debut e.p with you, its kind of electronic, folk, psychedelic. I hope there is something there that anyone to enjoy


Anonymous said...

Hola, igual os gusta esto:


un abrazo y seguid así!

ana said...

gracias javi, es diferente, me gusta :)

ana said...

ash & brian, thank you both. it's nice but definitely is not the kind of music we like... sorry!

Anonymous said...

Submitting my latest album for consideration:


Thanks for doing yr thing.


Unknown said...

What is your email? I am a chicago based psych-folk band...I just released a new album..


test said...

Ergot Records' recently released Nagual LP is a free improv drone record that I would love to send you guys. Can you please give me your email address? Mine is ergotrecords@gmail.com. Thanks!

Unknown said...

These Are Life Songs


FFFZZZ said...

Hola desde Chile!

Me gusta demasiado su blog.
Comparto mi proyecto sonoro.



Charlie said...


Fancy giving my album a listen? .. I think it fits in with your style .. see what you think and would be great if you'd like to review it.




G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

why don't you post any mixes anymore?

ana said...

soon :)

Anonymous said...

but when?

Anonymous said...

Can't see an email address so hopefully you see these? .. My new album https://charlieulyatt.bandcamp.com/album/do-not-forget-old-friends .. be great if you'd like to review it - thanks - Charlie

Anonymous said...

Me gusta mucho tu blog. Que piensan de esta tema ambiente/experimental? https://soundcloud.com/eggplantpurplemoves/in-the-rooms-where-we-lived-t

Saludos y que siguen haciendo lo bueno que hacen para artistas experimentales!

Bartosz said...

Hello Microphones!

My name is Bartosz and last week I've released by newest album 'Clinomania' under the guise of Wound. As you seem to be interested in ambient/drone/noise explorations I hope it might reach your ears.

Clinomania is a chaotic, confused space filled with melancholy, anger, and dissociative behaviour where powerful drones mix with swirling, luscious synths, glitched audio works, ethereal voices, and sombre piano soundwork.

You can listen to the album here:

If you wish to download it (which I of course encourage) I can send you a code.


Anonymous said...

LP 112 - MAS.

Download/Stream - Bandcamp - https://lp112.bandcamp.com/

Ambient Recordings, from East Coast Scotland.

Single released November 25, 2017
Email - contact.lp112@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Maybe you will be interested in this:

MO-DU - Cosmic ambient based in Prague.
New cassette tapes OUT NOW!
I will be glad for any support or sharing.

Shipwreck Charlie said...

Hey friends, I would love to be able to share this personally through email but it seems this is the best way to reach y'all.
I'd enjoy gracing your ears with my work. If you were interested in sharing/reposting by all means :) criticism is also more than welcome!


Hit me back at pelletier94@my.uri.edu

Unknown said...


ghreg said...

Hi - Wanted to reach out to you about my new ambient release. It sort of blurs the line between space music, tribal rhythms and the darker gradient of ambient. I hope you find it interesting, enjoyable and/or useful.

Arcane Electric - Umbral Passage