microphones in the trees: jccg

Friday, June 29, 2012


"a few days ago I was stumbling around the soundcloud-ether and became transfixed by these mysterious guitar jams from someone under the name of jccg, the work of João from Coimbra, Portugal, who runs Exo Tapes. his music is made up of slowly unfurling and decaying guitar lines, adding up to a textural meditation with more than a hint of the NJ beach slacker vibe of something like Ducktails." rose quartz

"if you wander back through the jccg extensive SoundCloud library, you’ll find him tinkering with a variety of sounds. but whether he is noodling around with guitar tones or layering synth textures, he always keeps it gravitating around an ambient nucleus. “Scapes” is no exception with its fuzzy, warbling synths and lightly ticking drum machines. if you could hold a stethoscope up to the chest of a cool, seaside cavern, I imagine that the heartbeat would sound a little something like this." portals

las canciones de jccg son tan bonitas y tan sencillas, me encantan. como todo lo que hace joão, que ya me conquistó con the exhalers y vuelve a conquistarme con jccg. guitarras y sintetizadores transoceánicos al más puro estilo matt mondanile meets mark mcguire. joão in the ocean, pura ensoñación

collage: ben giles

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Anonymous said...

la música tan refrescante como la foto :-)

ainhoa aka narvalita :-)