microphones in the trees: john zuma st. pelvyn

Thursday, June 28, 2012

john zuma st. pelvyn

"third eye guitar/theremin/feedback transcendentalism. a delicate balance of lovely and bizarre finger-picking mixed with theremin whine, whammy bar wobble, dense swirling feedback drones and belching electronics. three amazing tracks of solo bliss sessions for six string and electronics. visionary and truly beautiful work from this awesome contemporary player. stunningly emotional and visceral playing that evokes serene pastural landscapes as filtered through lens-flares and blinding white light. this is essential listening for the upcoming seasonal emergence from our bleak winter hibernation chambers." lighten up sounds

imposible no caer rendida ante el precioso diseño de esta cinta, adornada con virutas de madera y envuelta en papel cebolla. para los que disfrutan con los detalles y las cosas bonitas, y con la música de sandy bull, willie lane, josh st. denis, matthew 'doc' dunn y los discos de john fahey publicados en table of the elements. si te das prisa, aquí y aquí todavía queda alguna copia

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