microphones in the trees: salvador cresta ~ madrugapha

Sunday, June 17, 2012

salvador cresta ~ madrugapha

"where vol.1 seems to have been a collage of different ideas, I had the impression Salvador Cresta really got into video collage completely, technically and creatively. one story in different occasional parts, part of it just like parts of life, based upon Salvador Cresta’s free mind and free person’s life, his house, his friends, his dog, his girlfriend all participate, but also collected video’s of private recordings of family parties and fairgrounds, like odd loops with odd video effects. the soundtrack is brilliant, a collage being one with the images, including some pop songs by Los Migues and perhaps a Jana Hunter song, besides music from Salvador Cresta. In between are surreal visions and the life’s story becomes surreal too, like a puppet theatre, expressed with tripped visions with real dolls, like a poisoned mind’s dilusion. you have to see it. Salvador’s talent is growing. welcome to the free mind." psychedelic folk

"I have made this short movie in a place that i have been living for a few months, in the mountains of Capilla del Monte, Cerro el pajarillo, the subterranean city of Erk´s." salvita cresta

madrugapha ~ por leukeluni (self~released, 2012)

"les dejo un link de un proyecto mas bien sombrío, mas bien anárquico... se llama madrugapha y consiste en sesiones nocturnas de pura improvisación, grabadas "live" directamente a cassettes viejos... somos sólo Fabito y yo, en el campo, por la noche..." salvador cresta~la creatividad  y generosidad infinitas

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