microphones in the trees: tom kitty oliver

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

tom kitty oliver

"I recorded these songs after getting home from tour with Pressed And this past April. To me, the album is significant because it's my first solo record ever. All my previous projects have been collaborations, so this was the first time I found my individual voice or sound. And my previous collaborative work had all been electronic whereas the songs on Life on Loop were each recorded in one sitting into an old reel to reel I found sitting on the sidewalk in San Francisco. The similarities to previous collaborations lie in the emphasis on texture and emotional resonance; the album also shares a similar feeling of coherence or global connectedness within the entire work with my previous collaborations.

While recording each track, I would try to zone out as much as possible in attempt to let my unconscious thoughts and feelings serve as guides for the direction of the songs. I never knew exactly what a song would sound like when first starting, but by the end of the process, I knew I had stated what I had been feeling at the time. In that way, this album is as much seven archived meditations as it is seven recorded songs." andrew hamlet

foto: takuroh toyama


ana said...

"There are moments when you just need to sit back, breathe slow and absorb all the beauty in life. If I had a soundtrack for those moments, Tom Kitty Oliver’s new release would be the perfect choice."

morning son <3

adrián said...

ya tenía casi listo el post esta mañana... cuando lo he visto :)) encántame la fotola!