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Sunday, June 10, 2012

the aloha spirit | imperial topaz

"through his thoughtfully curated c60 radio program, Austin's Brad Barry has been closely affiliated with experimental music and cassette culture for the past several years. now, with The Aloha Spirit, he's sharing his own personal sounds with the world, and what a wonderful thing it is. Under Wild Skies finds Barry arranging synth loops carefully and confidently, conjuring placid tones and giving them space to gently buzz and gradually intermingle with one another. this is unabashed relaxation music, teeming with positive vibrations and basking in the radiance of the earth. pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle." tranquility tapes

menos mal que existen sellos como tranquility tapes, rotifer o hooker vision. ñam ñam. de the aloha spirit todo es bonito, empezando por el nombre, tan dulce al oído como su música...venn rain meets quite evenings meets buchikamashi. maravilla de maravillas, no hay nada más agradable para escuchar un domingo lluvioso por la mañana, acompañada de furari de taniguchi ...si pudiera ser

"you're most likely familiar with Caroline Teagle's visual talent by now, but you should know that she makes great music, too. her new duo with Jake Pepper (NT, Fergus & Geronimo), Imperial Topaz combines experimental sensibilities with finely-tuned pop, which falls within a warm space between reggae and the heyday of 4ad. field recordings and improvised passages drop instantly into pop gems, layering Pepper's catchy, reverb-drenched guitar lines and Teagle's ethereal vocals with hypnotic keyboard melodies and drum machine rhythms. nicely timed for spring, each of the four tracks on Imperial is excellent accompaniment for sunshine and ocean breeze dreams. like a beach party for everyone the luxury liner left behind. features Jef Brown on saxophone." tranquility tapes

siempre que escucho 'luxury liner' me acuerdo de topaz rags, sapphire slows y california sunrise de dirty gold...una de esas canciones diez sin importar el estilo para tararear, adictiva, bonita, con encanto, cuidada, de fantasía casi reggae. mención especial a los originales diseños de caroline teagle, el nombre tras imperial topaz y autora de todas las portadas de tranquility tapes

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mar said...

me quedo con 'evil genius'... es de esa musica que se antoja para escuchar en el 'katerholzig' de berlin. . . so charmy ^.^