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Sunday, June 24, 2012


va ~ free (calm in trees, june 2012)

01. hush arbors bones of a thousand suns
02. ruth garbus falling down to earth
03. wooden wand skels
04. barn owl reappear
05. donovan quinn october lanterns
06. jack rose moon in the gutter
07. poor farm ~ the delirious jangles of the angry inhabitants at 106 north rowland street
08. monopoly star child searchers waterfalls introduction
09. joshua burkett a moon equals zero
10. black eagle child spring
11. beggin' your pardon miss joan march of the boatmen
12. vollmar island in the river
13. plains on the rise
14. alasdair roberts the two sisters
15. high wolf un abrazo
16. spires that in the sunset rise grandma
17. uke of spaces corners county ~ bird on a wire
18. kelly nesbitt uke song
19. daniel higgs return
20. fwy! subdivision
21. 2 muchachos polaroid dreams
22. lex panayi ~ this chimney has since been felled

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foto: anna m.


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