microphones in the trees: tom carter & robert horton

Saturday, June 23, 2012

tom carter & robert horton

"following on from previous collaborations between Robert Horton and Charalambides Tom Carter on fine labels such as Important, Preservation and Digitalis, Carter and Horton come back to Blackest Rainbow for their first duo recording in a while. the three tracks result in combinations between outsider improvised trips and swirling head drones created via a wide array of instruments and non-instruments. Carter takes hold of the guitar, ebow and lap steel with Horton's every growing army of sound making objects described here as boot loops, boot, vortex, cassette player, minidisks, vibrator, computer, sine waves, voice, sex machine, organ, construction and beats to name some... Carter and Horton create a wild sound that is almost deconstructed and rebuilt through the 3 tracks, it sounds great and like no one else..." blackest rainbow

los discos de robert horton y tom carter tienen un lenguaje propio, un universo particular que reconocerías desde la primera nota, como r keenan lawler, town and country o mike tamburo. 'nyida days' son tres canciones inagotables que te mantienen en trance hasta el final, sobre todo las preciosísimas primeras notas de . la magia sigue, la música fluye...tom y robert, robert y tom, que no dejen nunca de hacer discos juntos

~~all proceeds from the sale of this release will go to Tom Carter. read more about the appeal here~~

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ana said...

(hace unos días robert horton nos dejaba este mensaje en el blog por si alguien estaba interesado en comprar algunos de sus discos "you now have my persmission to have my music available for download. i like your website a lot. maybe we could work something out to let people know if they want actual copies or artifacts those are available through me, except for the campfire tape, with tom carter, which is long gone.")