microphones in the trees: sparkling wide pressure / rambutan

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sparkling wide pressure / rambutan

"revisiting a superb pairing of like minds that started many years ago on the Small Doses label, Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) and Rambutan (Eric Hardiman) again share a release that is more than the sum of its parts.  this time, the strategies are quite divergent, yet each arrives in a similar state of revery combined with patient sonic and emotional investigation.  Baugh’s guitar work is at its peak here, and after following the Sparkling Wide Pressure oeuvre very closely over the years, we can safely say this ranks as a shining and defining moment for his project. the two sides of this tape are psychedelic, cosmic, haunting, repetitive, and otherworldly in equal parts." tape drift

"on this forthcoming split cassette from Eric Hardiman’s label Tape Drift, Sparkling Wide Pressure continues his exploration of nostalgia-tinged guitar, encasing his evocative melodies in a bed of soft electrorganic textures, somehow always managing to flick all the right switches. and Rambutan soaks our heads in bubbling loops that are simultaneously deep and ephemeral, engulfing you and then evaporating into the air." tiny mix tapes

entrevista a frank baugh en foxy digitalis

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