microphones in the trees: anvil salute

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

anvil salute

"We’re pleased to welcome Anvil Salute back to Deep Water, as their previous release for the label ~ This Is the Voice of Doom Calling ~ has long been an in-house favorite. Several years in the slo-mo making, Black Bear Rug marks the group’s first foray into full-length multi-track recording, with a rich sound that weaves mandolin, accordion, banjo, ektara, esraj and flute into the drifting blend of acoustic & electric guitars, upright bass, and drums, across settings both spontaneous and composed. Compared with the rooster’s crow of its predecessor, Black Bear Rug finds Anvil Salute in a mostly pensive frame of mind, manifesting a late-night comedown atmosphere suspended somewhere between Great Plains and opium den, optimized for listener immersion possibilities." deep water acres

 "yeah, we're still around"

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