microphones in the trees: hanetration / stelliform

Monday, October 29, 2012

hanetration / stelliform

"London’s Hanetration has released a record this year that has really taken me by surprise with the experimental electronica ep Torn Heat. Stretching very far outside of the usual tonal identity of modern electronica, there is an extensive diversion of the drone that sets place into all of the melodic ideas on the record. Removing a lot of percussive elements, the music wavers into abstract form with synthetically fabricated rhythms to keep the body of motion in a forward progression. Torn Heat is an odyssey of the past, present and future in many ways, forming a musical pallet of sound that speaks a tribalistic and cosmic voice. With most albums, it takes awhile to process what I felt and what the experience revealed to me. With Torn Heat, I immediately became deeply encased inside of the experience and have not felt the same since." sound colour vibration

"Stelliform’s knack for creating massive, heavenly atmosphere is on full display as warm, hazy synthesizers loop and layer. It’s a beautifully slow growing piece that relaxes. It doesn’t rush anything, just intelligently takes care of things calmly and smoothly as to avoid disrupting any ambiance. The entire album just feels very accepting and inviting, luring you in to soak up the atmosphere and bask in it’s warmth. Lofi percussion echoes far off, like foot steps in the distance, only chiming in at key moments throughout the track. Everything comes together to create this faded, dreamy masterpiece. The synths occupy the space inside your head and envelop you with their lavish atmosphere." heart and soul

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