microphones in the trees: ghostrider

Sunday, October 21, 2012


"Ghostrider is the debut cassette from Cologne dark synth guru Jens Pauly (formerly Temple Of Beeheads). Sci-fi tones & brooding minimalism leads the way to the open portals of your interior psyche. Droned out oceans of flowing arps for your spiritual demons." hobo cult

"one of the most solid and promising debuts I’ve come across all year, Demons is the stunning first release from Cologone-based synth overlord Jens Pauly, aka Ghostrider. Sorta brings back the same feelings of hearing Oneohtrix Point Never‘s early stuff for the first time, although Ghostrider’s got some truly original tricks up his sleeve. I highly recommend snapping this tape up quickly ~ especially if you’re a fan of those deep, fuzzy drones that send chills up your spine. Brilliant." zen effects

out of print ~ listen ~ download

"Germany's Jens Pauly seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2011 with two of the year's best synth tapes on Hobo Cult and Digitalis Ltd. Voices finds Pauly honing his craft even further with seven new meticulously composed pieces. Each track immediately springs to life with vivid, cinematic detail. Pulsing, heavily sequenced numbers call forth images of high-speed drives through neon-lit urban jungles, while more restrained and amorphous tracks bring to mind slow strolls through a foggy hillsides. Steering clear of the slightest bit of excess, Pauly is truly a master at conveying moods that resonate deeply without wasting a single second. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle." tranquility tapes

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"everyone is going all berlin school these days, but ghostrider's jens pauly just shrugs his shoulders wondering what all the fuss is about. he's all ready to start his own fucken köln school, blasting seraphim blisscapes over the bridges attempting to drain the rhine. "light pulse" resonates with absolute clarity, rolling over the synthetic hills into a different shade of grass. as his compositions loop around and fold in on themselves, they disappear like vapor in the early morning and leave nothing behind but the haze."  

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