microphones in the trees: riot meadows

Monday, October 15, 2012

riot meadows

"the new transient luminous phenomena runs close to the skin. majestic satellites that look like bushy pillars of greenery can be found sailing 20 feet above water. succulent green pods appeared to respond to a light being switched on and off, to a verbal or radio message, and even to an unspoken thought in the mind. a fetal mountainscape of letters, computer printouts and inter-departmental memos emerged from the red-brown metamorphic rock and blue-black mutations of old volcanic waste. the barren country, gilded by evening light as people raise monuments along a thin white line fading into darkness." steve targo aka riot meadows

"Riot Meadows is the handle for a 39-year-old journalist in a Southeastern Wisconsin tourist town who sculpts sonic environments and creates photo collages. 'temporal drift tape' is Riot Meadows's debut, recorded over a period of seven years."

steve nos pidió que dejásemos un link a 'temporal drift tape' y nosotros encantados, su música no puede ser más bonita, drones y sonidos orgánicos de naturaleza acuática, aves tropicales, lluvia y olas rompiendo en la orilla, un festín de texturas que nos recuerdan a venn rain, the aloha spirit, meadowlands,...

collage: sarah eisenlohr

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