microphones in the trees: mike bruno + the black magic family band

Thursday, October 25, 2012

mike bruno + the black magic family band

"Mike Bruno & the Black Magic Family Band's album The Willing of the Wisps has the charm of backwoods religious-cult-folk music mixed with a touch of Jandekian isolation. The songs do not reveal themselves to you easily, but the sound of the listening experience is thrilling...if you want to get lost that is...deep, in acoustic guitar lines, mournful ballad voices, and "out there" percussion hits. Bravo!" cassette gods

"One of the only truly psychedelic bands I've seen all year and the stuff sounds great on tape and vinyl. Philly based Mike Bruno and his crew inhabit the hushed realms of the deep mind. For fans of the golden rectangle, Robyn Nice et al." free form freakout

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Anonymous said...

Yeah this dude can read minds and mindfucks other girls with bad waves of energy until they cry then makes songs about it, how noble