microphones in the trees: water lily jaguar

Saturday, October 06, 2012

water lily jaguar

"a set of deep sea explorations. each starts with a simple direction, dissolving into warm tones and shimmering sounds. the calming lap/bubble of the ocean is never far away..." sound holes

" ...gorgeous, compelling and calming, relaxing and soothing, tape-blissy wonder of a release that gently rubs those super-sensitive spots like behind the temples or at the small of the back; exactly where you want a massage, but never do for yourself. slowly and softly, the music surrounds you as each of the four pieces starts with a synth droplet smack-dab in the middle of an electronic lake, letting simple motifs ebb outward in micro ripples as the listener begins to submerge into a deeper, warmer environment. this tape is easily the most beautiful music on any format I’ve had the chance to review yet in 2011, and it’s always a joy when one tape clicks to stop… because it’s just time to put the next one in. great for the last thing of the night or the first thing at dawn’s break. a gleaming, glittery gem." foxy digitalis

"epic double cassette of lo-fi new age synth warble, caught between Dolphins into the Future and Josh Burke, but with a unique enough approach to set it apart. I really like this project, and have enjoyed all the tapes I've heard." Norm Chambers (Panabrite)

"each note spirals up towards the surface and is there just long enough to catch some air. the audio links and travels through the sea in rhythmic motion. these sounds swell and sparkle, allowing the listener to speculate the extent of all that exists" sacred phrases

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