microphones in the trees: tempera

Thursday, October 11, 2012


 "when it comes to quality control and prolificacy, one can't imagine a band doing much better on either count than Portland, Maine’s own Tempera. considering the thousands of minutes of original material they’ve committed to tape, microcassette, and hard-drive over the past four years, it's hard to believe that this is still officially Tempera's debut long-playing album. and befitting the band's thorough self-scrutiny the music is decidedly top-tier. this self-titled lp contains two side-long, long-form improvisations, with kraut-rock inspired tom-heavy drumming backing ethereal vocals and synth tones and drones; smooth, blissed-out ambient passages building to cymbal-crashing climaxes. here, Tempera's Nicholas Barker and Corinna Marshall are joined by electric pianist/drummer Robert Stillman (of Robert Stillman's Horses) to hit that ecstatic, transcendent zone." l'animaux tryst

foto: bumbarrels

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Anonymous said...

- abuelita, abuelita, que orejas más grandes tienes..
- son para escuchar la música mejor

ainhoa :-)

callsomis211fire said...

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