microphones in the trees: günter schlienz

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

günter schlienz

"i wanted to record something very minimal, very long, actually as minimal as i could stand it myself , and i can stand lots of minimal sound. it’s the very old erik satie concept, sounds that stand in the room, like a wallpaper, like a chair, a table. you don't recognise them very often, they are just there, but sometimes you look or hear at it more careful and you think, yeah, it's nice." guenter schlienz

"environmental modular synth sounds you will miss as soon the tape is finished"

"good news! Günter Schlienz’ Stuttgart label, Cosmic Winnetou, has put its entire first batch for free streaming and download on Bandcamp. now you can drown yourself in the waves of ethereal ambience or dusted krautrock grooves for free (or pay the man, if you feel like, he deserves it)! oh, and a heads up ~ another batch is coming soon, this time with Mark Bradley and Sylvia Monnier. stay tuned!" weed temple

illustration: paul flanderky

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