microphones in the trees: micromelancolié

Saturday, October 27, 2012


"Micromelancolié, aka Poland-based musician Robert Skrzyński, is the owner of the 49manekinów net-label and the co-owner of 77industrie net-label. Robert's works can be described as deformed repetitive ambience with a dynamic micro activity in a sound that is created in non traditional way by using no-input mixing board, old VHS tapes, classic analogues and field recordings.

Skrzyński’s approach to the issue of samples reminds me of going through one’s personal scrapbook ~ an archive of the most secret, intimate symbols and metaphors which are totally incomprehensible but seem to be driven by some internal order.  lazy drones and funeral strings are layered together with a cackling of cheerful chickens, birds chirping. the most mesmerising piano is having a chat with group of flute scraps and an industrial loop. but what’s most important here: his music is a collage, not chaos, it’s a subtle symphony made of one’s handy mess. Skrzyński never loses his wits so everything is falling into right place, carefully caressing the ear and lighting up the atmosphere of your reading room. It’s postmodern mysticism, hot and dusty sampledelia similiar to Kurek’s Heat or Basinki’s Disintegration Loops in miniature." easterndaze

"few days after will be released "gravity boat editions" by australian twice removed label. editions contain remastered, expanded version of Gravity Boats + some remixes" 

jokiz, otro minúsculo sello finés fuente inagotable de tesoros (mt. tjhris/fallen axe split). y cuántos de ellos condenados injustamente al olvido, algo que por cosas tan íntimas y abstractas (será un theremin lo que suena al final?) como la canción/corte/tema/composición que da título al disco no debería ocurrir. si 'owl eater' era un disco de atardecer, 'gravity boat' es un cuaderno de bocetos y pequeños detalles para escuchar al amanecer: pianos, voces de niños, glitchs, campanas de monasterio, drones, bucles infinitos y muchos pajaritos, cuervos, gaviotas... decía jackie farrow en foxy digitalis que "robert can sample almost anything and turn it into a work of art" y no puede ser más verdad

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