microphones in the trees: million mists

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

million mists

"perma-flow blade runner of the jungle; karaoke synth solos navigating snail trails" gift tapes

 "Jamie Potter’s music (Million Mists, Brother Raven, Father Sound) and video work often begins with thrift store castoffs as source material, with unwanted and undervalued synthesizers and vhs equipment taking the place of the comic books that seed his works on paper. He then proceeds to coax idiosyncratic, inharmonic spurts of data into compositions typically dictated by the confines of a semi-obsolete format, such as 2″ cassette tape. Through the intuitive process of improvisation and revision, Jamie imparts his trademark organic dynamism to a diverse array of materials, somehow always arriving at a vaguely biomorphic, self-similar end result with more than a hint of the uncanny. The ingredients might feel nostalgic, but the finished product is wholly other." translinguistic other

a veces, navegando en sellos inabarcables como gift tapes, te encuentras con cosas tan bonitas como la música de jamie potter, el hombre burbuja que además de hacernos levitar con brother raven o million mists también pinta y hace vídeos. los ocho minutos 'the garden level' son para escuchar una y otra vez, parándose en cada sonido, cada detalle, tan evocadora y naranja como blue orange de j. hanson, tan contemplativa y lunar como many moons de former selves

collage: peter harris

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