microphones in the trees: anonymous

Sunday, February 12, 2012


"I feel so blessed to have this. Very fine and delicate mix of plucked and bowed strings with lovely male singing. It almost sounds like it could be two different singers, but I'm not sure..." cavebears

"really wonderful and totally mysterious one here, with no artist credit at all. received this as an anonymous demo and managed to sort out this release, which is essentially a straight reproduction of the demo cassette transfered to the vinyl format… totally mesmerizing hushed, raw, bedroom acidfolk sounds, steeped in alchemical spiritual depth, profound lonesome melancholy, and seriously intense and haunting intimacy. magical poetic songs from a true searcher, battler of the spirit sorrows, and rejoicer in all mystical beauties. there is a gripping sadness that permeates these recordings, but also flashes of joy, redemption, and in the end a powerful hopefulness. indeed, this is living, breathing music from the true inner/ancient soul, nothing but intricate yet meditative acoustic guitar figures, mournful viola, and those vocals, all wrapped in gauzy 4-track haze and far distant street sound hum… you really just gotta hear this one to understand…" time~lag

bonito de verdad, como aquella misteriosa caja con portada más misteriosa todavía de boots/c.c./snake & remus, o el eterno cap'n jack. tienes que oirlo para entender, nemo dixit.

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Anonymous said...

is there any place to stream? if its anonymous by creator it should be free:-)

ana said...

sorry anonymous, but i don't understand what you mean. there is no place to stream it, but you can download it if you want to listen it...