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Friday, February 24, 2012

oracle offering | lightning strike lightning

"Howl's Angels by Oracle Offering, one half of Brainshadows, is a quiet and beautiful meditation for echoing voice, flute and sympathetic strings by a lone female artist. Very spooky-ooky and sure to please fans of the chanteuses of Prisma or Visitations. One gets the feeling of observing an arcane ritual." cassette gods

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* this is only a very small preview, three songs, of the actual tape. The tape is about 40 minutes long, in total. because it was recorded entirely on cassette, mixed and mastered to cassette, and dubbed 1-to-1 on cassette it never actually hit the digital realm. maybe in a few days we'll post all the songs. (thank you matt!)

"in which the ghosts in your attic, after leafing through your boxes of can and nnck albums, decide to pick up your broken instruments and make their own music. songs overflow with more sonic ingredients than the recorded medium can hold; guitar overdrive spilling all over banjo riffs, exponential layers of wordless vocals smothering the pristine marxophone, and rumbling percussion dousing the fattest basslines. all is permeated by a warm layer of cathedral reverb and cavern echo, pointing out the space in even the most dense and cluttered compositions."

fotolas: hoy.joy aka 'en mi próxima vidosa quiero ser un cactus'

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