microphones in the trees: endless caverns

Monday, February 27, 2012

endless caverns

"the buzz of the city is slowly wrapped with the humming body tones of the seven major chakras amplified. percussion, dilruba, trumpet, heartbeat, vocals, electric guitars and bells join in a mass of energies. sky high night jams for the sidewalk crowd recorded this past spring by Matt Lajoie (Herbcraft, Cursillistas, etc.) at the Building of Song in Portland. a dense journey through echoing sea port howls and shaken soul tremours. program repeats on side b. in an edition of 75 hand-painted tapes with an insert in a sewn fabric pouch."

sold out | download

"debut release from matthew lajoie. fripp & eno, terry riley, ambient, krautrock, inspired minimalist, composition, conceptual, drone guitar... primarily recorded direct to mono reel-to-reel in an empty frankincense and myrrh smoked out house on christmas eve, chalice toasted to the great north star, this a mediatation on isolation, astrological voyaging, and biblical magick."

sold out | download
(thanks to broadcasts from poor farm for the rip & the upload)

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