microphones in the trees: talk west

Monday, February 27, 2012

talk west

"Tulsa, Oklahoma multi-instrumentalist and scissortail records guy Dylan Golden Aycock delivers this stunning batch of drone-folk meditations fashioned with a truly refreshing mix of synths, loops, air organ, and expressive pedal steel. These sunken timber hymns harken back to the roots of American experimentalism but stand in their own new space, lonesome bedroom ballads tinged with universal nostalgia. Edition of 70 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes with letterpressed and risographed artwork." no kings

no kings (cambodian field recordings de stephen molyneux, disco de la vida) es el sello de lee noble, que a su vez es el autor de la portada original de freights & fields. además, dylan golden aycock (the doldrums) tiene su propio sello, scissortail records, que a su vez ha publicado el preciosísimo workers lament de golden pawn. y además son de oklahoma.

foto via sara gossett

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