microphones in the trees: transcendental rodeo | matthew albert dunn

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

transcendental rodeo | matthew albert dunn

"four track album from this lysergic country/lunar blues group featuring matthew 'doc' dunn of mv & ee fame. the sound is raggedy communal goodtime ala the cherry blossoms, with mouth harp, banjo, guitar et al rendered in a lower east side hoedown style that is sure to appeal to fans of the holy modal rounders, mike nesmith, pat kilroy, david peel, tower recordings, peter grudzien, matthew valentine et al." volcanic tongue

"this is heady album of acoustic layers and dazed out folk. really great set of two tracks zoned out in a mist of haze" lucid owls

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matthew russell boteilho said...

transcendental rodeo is the best, there's a new tape out on this label:


love the one on bennifer and doc dunn's solo releases too.. i'm not sure if there's a rip of it out there but Church Of Transfiguration x2tape release is worth seeking out.. bennifer's silkscreens are real nice