microphones in the trees: the diamond family archive

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the diamond family archive

"laurence collyer makes music under the name the diamond family archive. everything i've heard from this traveling folksy i've fallen in love with, over & over.

here collyer has created a refreshing & imaginative album, effortlessly utilizing the banjo, piano, drums, sounds of the sea, rain, acoustic and treated guitars, effects, lap steel, box harp, zither, organ, casios, omnichord, harmonium, shruti box, radios, tapes, melodicas, percussion, bells, glockenspiel, electronics, found sounds, field recordings, voice, harmonicas & beyond.

the bulk of these recordings came together in an old sail loft on the day david carradine, the 70's actor, died. 'the death of kung fu' tells it's own dynamic story of a dreamer & his death. like snapshots of a day in the life, this album consists of 15 shorter tracks all displaying their charm within three minutes." tired trails

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