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Sunday, February 19, 2012

shep and me

"these ramshackle lo-fi appalachian musings seems to capture the home-made fragile junkiness of this packaging quite well. the liner notes, which come in the form of a 14 page zine, include various photos and collages that further heighten the sense that you are listening to the next generation of east-coast weirdoes “gone native”; the original wave being the likes of the holy modal rounders." foxy digitalis

"Matt Himes is the man behind Shep and Me, which incorporates the sounds of experimental folk, outsider noise, tape loops, and acoustic balladry to create a sound that is wholly his own. He bumped his way onto a show that I set up in Bloomington a few years back. He set up simply with a small guitar and light accompaniment and captivated the room for the next 20-30 minutes. His sound, for me, evokes the images of punks living on homemade boats in the river, simple living, rotting Midwestern porches, and long, cold winter days that feel endless.

This tape compiles a few years of analog recordings in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Evanston, IL and Whitesburg, and it's the perfect thing to listen to on a cold day with nothing ahead of you besides hot tea and unfinished projects." remote outposts

"psych-folk troubadour and Minnesota viking Matthew Himes opens up with some drifting ditties and outer world caterwauling (and even a Throbbing Gristle cover), and Tracey gathers a band on the B side, a quartet of Bloomington heavy-hitters covering the roamin' gnome's greatest hits."

cinco nombres con significado especial:

humito records
bruce langhorne
cap'n jack
field recordings
y shep and me

recreaciones acústicas, aires gospel apenas imperceptibles pero que están ahí, una voz inconfundible, rural, añeja, que parece atrapada por algo tan indescriptible como las postales de una louisiana de los años treinta, campos de algodón, tonadillas montañiles, como aquellos genios anónimos, menos conocidos que dock boggs o la familia carter, que ilustran la maravillosa 'anthology of american folk recordings'. demasiado bonito

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