microphones in the trees: blues control & laraaji

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

blues control & laraaji

"...Laraaji plays an electronically modified zither w/a spectral aspect that is very appealing. This is an inspired pairing, with Laraaji bringing out Blues Control’s most phantom, otherworldly side across a series of slow-moving vistas that combine the hallucinatory tonal/rhythmic depth of Javanese gamelan with translucent exotica and creeping, barely-there synth stylings. Aspects of Jon Hassell, early choral/devotional music, Mirror/Andrew Chalk (especially in the distant piano sounds), even Organum cohere around wraiths of zither and floating flowers planted deep in haunted rainforests where snatches of vocals appear deep in the mix and the occasional single note rises to the surface with all of the magisterial slow-mo beauty of Loren Connors. By far and away my favourite Blues Control jam to date. Comes with a download card with bonus tracks. Highly recommended!" volcanic tongue

foto via sara gossett

(incluye dos bonus tracks, 'somebofy scream' y 'astral jam', de 35 y 28 minutos)

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