microphones in the trees: hobo cubes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hobo cubes

"This one blew us away with its reverb drenched arpeggios and bizarre sci-fi vibe. I couldn’t help imagining it as the soundtrack to some slow paced 70s space opera cartoon." orangemilk

"A sonic passage through transient mindscapes. A timeless journey that bridges the gap between memory and prophecy. An audible education in self-discovery and global investigation. Those are just a few ways to describe the spellbindingly pleasurable tracks that you will discover on this tape. Francesco De Gallo, a synth dynamo, encases us in a cocoon of reverb only to spread our wings and fly through a new world of sci fi hypnotics. I’ve heard some say that this is the most textual and full tape we’ve heard from Hobo Cubes so far and I don’t doubt it.

...it all feels like you can reach through the music and touch new worlds, new realities, new revelations. It’s like having one foot fixed here on common soil and the other dipping into something so unknown that it’s like a distant galaxy’s galaxy. A perfect way to end the summer, before the sobriety of winter chills blow in. Perceptive Pulses gives us yet a couple more sidelong tracks to feed heart, soul, and mind, and maintain a concretized career for Hobo Cubes. Super psychedelic art that almost nails the whole vibe perfectly. Pro dubbed and pro imprinted solid orange tapes, which are more than appropriate for a label called Orange Milk. Grab one before they return to the universe they came from." foxy digitalis

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