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Monday, February 27, 2012

voodoo mount sister | annapurna illusion | hellvision

"Voodoo Mount Sister  makes it on tape for the first time. Following 2010 debut cdr on Winged Sun and first vinyl appearance on Hands in the dark records “Soul Sista” is their weird attempt to bring soul music in noise / drone improvisations. Recorded in one session in July 2011 that went in many different directions, from dark kraut to noisy dub to psych dance. The girl is on synths and vocals, the guy is on beats & bass."

A side : Old dusty files from 2009 that sounds like an old babylonian conjuring the spirit deads…Like if the necronomicon book turned into a tape…Heavy organ chords, black mess style.

B side : One night in Belgium. The meting of Annapurna Illusion and Helvette (Glen Steenkiste from Sylvester Anfang II), under the full moon, after a few smokes and a couple of drinks. Two exhausted minds improvising minimal dark drones.

foto: reuben wu

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