microphones in the trees: mascara snake

Saturday, February 11, 2012

mascara snake

"Portraits and Scenes by Mascara Snake is a furry creature that has curled up into my chest and taken to rest, purring gently, each breath reminding me of the happiness I’ve known.
Whimsical guitar sounds and the minimalist percussion paint portraits of the happenings in and around the artist’s sphere while living in Paris.
Listen to this record and paint, draw, dream" moonspeak

"The air met the colors just right; this was a portrait day, a pleasant one indeed. And with only a few blinks left before that golden hour, into frame entered in a peculiar man. His helmet bent the sun, and he spoke in reverse. From there the wind skipped a beat, the film overexposed, and they all quietly evaporated, confused, elsewhere, but okay.
French artist Pacôme Genty has a way with scenes, and an album full of them, all painted in guitar loop and sprawling oddity." stadiums & shrines

photo: woodcum

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